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Toshiba Releases 150V N-channel Power MOSFET with Industry-leading Low On-resistance and Improved Reverse Recovery Characteristics that Help Increase the Efficiency of Power Supplies


KAWASAKI, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mar. 30, 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched a 150V N-channel power MOSFET “TPH9R00CQ5,” which uses the latest[2] generation U-MOSX-H process, for switching power supplies of industrial equipment, such as that used in data centers and communications base stations. Shipments start today.

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Toshiba: TPH9R00CQ5, a 150V N-channel power MOSFET that helps increase the efficiency of power supplies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Toshiba: TPH9R00CQ5, a 150V N-channel power MOSFET that helps increase the efficiency of power supplies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

TPH9R00CQ5 features an industry-leading[1] low drain-source On-resistance of 9.0mΩ (max), approximately a 42% reduction from Toshiba’s existing product, “TPH1500CNH1[3].” Compared with Toshiba’s existing product “TPH9R00CQH[4],” the reverse recovery charge is reduced by about 74% and the reverse recovery[5] time by about 44%, both key reverse recovery characteristics for synchronous rectification applications. Used in synchronous rectification applications[6], the new product reduces the power loss of switching power supplies and helps improve efficiency. Furthermore, compared to TPH9R00CQH, the new product reduces spike voltage generated during switching, helping lower the EMI of power supplies.

The product uses the popular, surface-mount-type SOP Advance(N) package.

Toshiba also offers tools that support circuit design for switching power supplies. Alongside the G0 SPICE model, which verifies circuit function in a short time, highly accurate G2 SPICE models, which accurately reproduce transient characteristics, are now available.

Toshiba has also developed “1 kW Non-Isolated Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter for Telecommunications Equipment” and “Three-phase Multi Level Inverter using MOSFET” reference designs that utilize the new product. They are available on Toshiba’s website from today. The new product can also be utilized for the already published “1 kW Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter” reference design.

Toshiba will continue to expand its lineup of power MOSFETs that reduce power loss, increase the efficiency of power supplies, and help to improve equipment efficiency.


  • Power supplies of industrial equipment, such as that used in data centers and communications base stations.
  • Switching power supplies (high efficiency DC-DC converters, etc.)


  • Industry-leading[1] low On-resistance: RDS(ON)=9.0mΩ (max) (VGS=10V)
  • Industry-leading[1] low reverse recovery charge: Qrr=34nC (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100A/μs)
  • Industry-leading[1] fast reverse recovery time: trr=40ns (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100A/μs)
  • High channel temperature rating: Tch (max)=175°C


[1] As of March 2023, comparison with other 150V products. Toshiba survey.

[2] As of March 2023.

[3] A 150V product using the existing generation process U-MOSVIII-H

[4] A product using the same generation process as TPH9R00CQ5 and featuring the same voltage and On-resistance

[5] A switching action in which the MOSFET body diode switches from forward to reverse biased.

[6] If the new product is used in a circuit that does not perform the reverse-recovery operation, the power loss is equivalent to that of TPH9R00CQH.

Main Specifications 

(Ta=25°C unless otherwise specified)

Part number





Drain-source voltage VDSS (V)


Drain current (DC) ID (A)



Channel temperature Tch (°C)




Drain-source On-resistance

RDS(ON) max (mΩ)





Total gate charge Qg typ. (nC)


Gate switch charge QSW typ. (nC)


Output charge Qoss typ. (nC)


Input capacitance Ciss typ. (pF)


Reverse recovery time trr typ. (ns)



Reverse recovery charge Qrr typ. (nC)




SOP Advance(N)

Size typ. (mm)

4.9 x 6.1 x 1.0

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